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                                    Video: Insider Perspective on NBC News’ Looming Legal Threat

                                    Big stories often leave big questions.

                                    That’s why?Variety Intelligence Platform’s?first “Insider Insights” video, which gets exclusive perspective on important news with the?Variety journalists closest to those stories, is with Elizabeth Wagmeister, senior correspondent at Variety. She broke a big story earlier this month revealing that the New York Attorney General’s office was investigating allegations of sexual harassment, retaliation?and gender discrimination at NBC News.

                                    Wagmeister offers additional thoughts on the status of the investigation, and explores its implications at NBCUniversal. It’s not the first big story she has broken on this endless saga, so we’re glad to get her perspective on a cloud hanging over this Comcast-owned news division, home of key revenue generators for its TV operations like the “Today” show.